Monday, July 30, 2012

The Wonderful Maeve Binchy

It was sad night  tonight when I learned of the death of the wonderful Maeve Binchy.

Growing up in Ireland , and loving books, there was no way that I could not read something by Maeve Binchy . In fact after reading one of her books you cannot help but read everything else that Maeve ever wrote. That is what I did.
Maeve could tell a story in a way that made you care very much for each and  every one of the characters. They were memorable and special, each and every one. You could almost picture them living real lives in the towns they were from.
Maeve had a unique and soothing voice and on the many occasions I watched her on Irish television or on the radio over here , I always found myself stopping what I was doing and giving her my full attention as she was interviewed by our presenters over here. Her voice was engaging and full of humour and wit, and it never failed to put a smile on my face.
I will treasure each and every book I have of hers as there will now be no more books to look forward to. I never dreamed she would be taken from us so soon. Ireland lost someone very special.

The first book I read by Maeve was Light A Penny Candle..OOhh how I loved that book.All of my copies are well worn and loved in paperback and hardback. The book had been out a good few years before I came across it but when I did I became a lifelong fan .
With all my favourite writers I collect all their books and I dread the day I get news that one of them has passed.

Authurs do not realise I think how much sometimes their books mean to us. Sometimes we pick up their books at times in our life when we need something.. perhaps part of the storyline is relevent to what we may be going through in our own life or perhaps we have read their book  at times when our own life has something wonderful happening in it .I can often think back to times in the past, and the books I was reading then, and when I open the book, maybe after many years, the memories coming flooding back,be it good or bad.
We ( the booklovers) will miss this wonderful writer, this charming and witty woman who told us so many stories and made us care for each and every one of them.

R.I.P Maeve


  1. You wrote the words that were in my heart today, Edel. I was so sad to hear of her passing. She and I have spoken often (so it seems) through her marvelous tales. I can quote more of Tara Road that I can of the Bible...sad to say.
    I was always so tickled when she included someone from a previous book to a new one. It was like running in to an old friend at the store.
    I too thought, omg...I will never have another new Maeve Binchey book to look foreward to. So sad for Binchey lovers everywhere!

  2. I know, sooo very sad. I could not believe it when I saw it come up on Facebook. I had hoped it was not true. Everywhere on tv over here today I see her face and mentions of her and her books and the wonderful person she was. SO many lives she touched with her writing and great sense of humour. Each book I will treasure even more now.. if that is even possible. You were right in what you said, it was wonderful when she would put characters from previous books into other books. Her characters were written so well it was almost like reading about friends.I remember how sad I was when she said she was not going to write anymore years ago and then she suddenly began again. I was thrilled and as soon as she had a book published I was out there to get it as fast as I could. This wonderful lady will be missed alot xxxx