Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Great Outdoors With Perfect Holiday Books

It is a sunny day here today...makes a change.....
I am tempted to grab an armful of books,sunglasses, and a chair and go outside where I rarely wander with my books due to a whole host of reasons.

2-violent gusts of wind even on sunny days
3-Distractions....ohhh pretty butterflies....wonder who's tractor that is..... oohh aeroplane...
4-Blasted flies again
5- Dead flies squatting in my drink..... the buggers.....

So there I am book in hand as I swat flies with the other hand and try to remember the plot I am following in my book... ahhh the great outdoors.. nothing quite like it is there? We don't get enough sunshine over here so when we do get a nice sunny day we go into panic mode and out comes the flip- flops,sunscreen , shorts , and every other sunshine accessory you can imagine.

Summer days always get me in the mood for summer books.. You know the type.....
I want to read about villa's in exotic localtions.
Sailing on Lake Garda in Italy as I sit on a wobbly sun- chair in Ireland .
I want to read about sandy beaches and and the fictional lives of those in Italy,France, and then wondering over to America to Nantucket, Maine and places like that.
 Some of my favourite reading for this time of year have been the following books.:

Any Book by Adriana Trigiani(here is a few)
Then the first two books in The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants series.
Then some of these....The wonderful kate McCabe writes great holiday books.
Then try some of these
Now if all these don't get you into the holiday spirit try these...

I have read all these books except The Villa Girls and The House By The Sea. These two I am planning to read this week. Do you a favourite book that you like to read in the summertime ???
If so leave it in the comments below and hope you have a lovely sunny book reading day where you are xxxxxxxxx

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