Saturday, July 14, 2012

Local Bookshops And Some Funny Kids.

Recently I went into a local bookshop. It was packed with tourists !! Great to see local buisness's doing so well in our present climate but not great when you are five foot nothing and coming up waist high on a few middle aged 6 foot  somethings stomachs.
I persevered none the less.. I thought I would lose some of these peeps if I went to the Ya section until the new release section quietened down.... but no.... darn my good taste the divils followed me....
So there I am, regretting carrying my big handbag ( it's the only one big enough for ,make-up, phone, book, perfume and all the rest of the junk I fill in it) becomes apparant that carrying a large handbag during a longgggg browsing session is a bad idea.. After the first half hour I do believe I may have gone a little lopsided... I added some books to my free hand and that evened things up a bit but things were jam packed in here!!
I took a wander around the kids section.. They have just about the best illustrated books there and of course it was quiet as usual. When I was there kneeling on the floor looking for a hard back edition of some Enid Blyton book I was joined by two kids ,a brother and sister as  far as I could tell. There Father looking at the baby books as the siblings began debating on good and bad books. As I flicked the pages of the book I was holding the little guy next to me recommended a nice book about a dead skeleton detective to his sister while explaining all the gross details of the previous book of this authurs that he had read,. The sister had her eye on a nice Jacqueline Wilson book full of friendship and wholesome goodness.. Well this guy was sooooo good at giving a good recommendation that his little sister put her book back on the shelf and picked up the  book he had been waving at her while singing it's praises. Their father shouts over that they are only allowed one book each and they had to hurry as they were leaving .. The little boy grabs a book of the shelf by the same authur as his sister and as he was walking off I heard him ask his sister for her book after she was finished. Apparently this little lad was collecting the entire series of books and was two way from the entire collection.With the help of his sister he now had them all.
I had to laugh ...He played his hand well. ...It is great seeing a love for reading in young people!!!!!

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