Sunday, July 1, 2012

Favourite Bookish Movies

1st place - 84 Charring Cross Road
2nd place-Julie and Julia
3rd place-Inkheart
4th place- The Jane Austen Book Club
5th place-Misery
6th place-The Shining
7th place-Lost In Austen
8th place-Sylvia
9th place-Enid
10th place- The Hours
11th place-Secret Window ( Lovely Johnny Depp)
12th place- The Substitute
13th place- Suburban Girl
14th place- Basic Instinct 1 and 2
15th place -Matilda
16th pplace-Shadowlands

There are a good few more I have likely forgotten about , but these are pretty good.
Do you have a favourite bookish type movie? If you do, stick it in the comments below.
Feel free to recommend some if I have not already mentioned them.. xxxxxxxxx 

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