Tuesday, August 22, 2017

My Current Reading Pile

Hi guys! Well it feels like the glorious summer weather has abandoned us lately so I did what any sensible book lover would do . I requested some fabulous library books and here are the goodies I am reading this week ..... plus ,  If they are as good as I think they will be I doubt I will notice the grey skies and heavy downpours .I am missing reading outdoors though ..... ahhhhhh it was bliss , but now it's time for some cosy reading indoors next to the stove . 

Afraid by Jack Kilborn 
If You Lived Here,  I'd Know Your Name by Heather Lende 
Night Of The Living Dandelion by Kate Collins 
Jane Austen The Secret Radical by Helena  Kelly 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Yoga Girl by Rachel Brathen . Review

I first came across Rachel on Instagram. Pictures of her yoga poses taken in exotic locations are the things of dreams and her popularity just keeps rising. Her book "Yoga Girl" is a collection of stories about her life , instructions on yoga practises and recipes for delicious foods and drinks. The most enchanting thing about the book is Rachel's voice , her calm and happy energy spills onto the page and you can't help but picture her smiling face as you read . It's just infectious .. in a good way ;0)
Full of inspiration and many wise words this book gives you plenty to think about especially if you are currently finding yourself at a crossroads in your life and may find yourself understanding Rachel's own personal journey in life. Mind ,body ,and soul are taken care of here between the pages and it's worth getting a notebook and jotting down some of the ideas in the book to refer back to when you need some inspiration or encouragement . A must read for an yoga fan ! A great read!

I read a library copy of this book .

Happy by Fearne Cotton . Review

I have watched and listened to Fearne Cotton for many years and always enjoyed Fearne's manner of interviewing and speaking on the radio. Reading this book felt just like what you would expect from this awesome lady , a down to earth approach to some of the tougher subjects some of us face. Depression is hard going but Fearne's way of explaining it and sharing her own experience with it made it feel less daunting and more approachable.... yes approachable.
Fearne talks to many of her famous friends throughout the book , they talk about their own mental health and strategies that helped them cope  when they had their own struggles .
Throughout the book there is areas for you to check in with yourself and do some homework , helpful hints and sound advice told in a easy to understand manner . Fearne tells of the things and people who helped her when she needed it most and how to look out for your yourself if you think you may have depression and the ways that you can practise self care.

This is a must read for anyone going through any mental health issues , anxiety, panic attacks , depression , posnantal depression I think there is something for everyone in here.

The copy I read was a library edition.

Reading This Week

The books that I am aiming to read this week are these awesome library books. Ooh how I love the library!!!!!!( insert bookish gushing here) . When I was a kid I did not get as much access to the library as I would have liked , many years later I am making up for it and nothing gives me greater pleasure when  the email arrives letting me know that the books I have ordered have come in ready for collection . Seriously it makes my day ! Anyway enough about that, check these books out for yourself .... literally , at your local library ;0)
The witches of New York by Ami McKay
Moving Into Meditation by Anne Cushman
Healing Depression The Mind Body Way by Nancy Liebler and Sandra Moss 
The Holistic Beauty Book by Star Khechara

No Way Back by Kelly Florentia . Review

This is a contemporary women's fiction / romance set primarily in London . Audrey Fox is the main character of the story , she has recently been let down by her fiancĂ© just before their wedding and has had her heart well and truly battered . But as one door closes another opens in the form of the gorgeous Daniel, business man and single father. 
This was a really enjoyable story with lost love , fresh starts , forgiveness and more then a few shocks for the reader, also have the tissues handy ! I love a story that catches me by surprise and this did exactly that . Audrey was a great character , I was backing her all the way , she is a loyal friend and a good person who has had lots of horrible things aimed her way so I was rooting for her to the very end , I wanted to see her shine !
This was a one sit read for me and I can't recommend it highly enough ,sleep, who needs it anyway ;0) .I just had to know how it would end ,and if Audrey would get her happy ever after ! I loved it!

I received this book in exchange for a review . This book is being published by Urbane Publications on September 21st and will be available from all good bookshops then . This is the first book in a sequel . 

Urbane Publications: