Friday, May 31, 2013

Books I Am finishing This Weekend

It's a sunny day here in Ireland today...Yes I know those are words are not often said without sarcasm implied but really it is sunny. I woke up this morning convinced the world was ending when I saw the great big yellow yolk in the sky...after a cup of tea and a sit down to relieve the shock I realised that it was indeed a sun and no the world was not ending...shock horror!!! No need for my end of the world survival kit this time, and I can put off building the underground bunker stocked with enough tea bags and  Nutella to do me for about 6 months....
So now guys..... lets talk books for this weekend.
All these books I am really enjoying ..each soooo good that I am hopping between each one as I can't bare to put any of them down...Seriously good batch of books...
                                 Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer

                                                 Brush with Death by Karen MacInerney
Read and Buried by Erika Chase 
The Secrets Women Keep by Fanny Blake 
Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

May Haul Part 4

Thursday, May 30, 2013

May Haul Part 3

May Haul Part 2

Some pretty cool covers in this haul.


In My Mailbox

First up is a review book that I was sent. Kiss me First by Lottie Moggach. This  fictional book is going to be released in July 2013 and sounds amazing...

The second book that arrived was one that I had ordered through TBD. I have not read anything by this author before but the cover and description intrigued me. Witch Way To Murder by Shirley Damsgaard

May Haul Part 1

This book and one other was the only books in the haul that were not on sale or preloved
This is the hardback edition of Doll Bones by Holly Black... It' a rather sinister cover which I love!! If I had got this as a child I would have loved it.. As an adult.... well I still love it!! Creepy little doll and creepier story to match.... Awesome!!
                                                          Two Words...Book Sale.....
 Dermot Healy begins this story from Balintra, Co.Donegal
Darren Shan.... Love Darren's writing! 
 I first came across this series through Wiebke over at 1book1review over on youtube.. Awesome ,cool , lady. .Awesome book series.. Go check her out!!
Link to the Soulless video book review by Gail Carriger!!!! Watch this!!!
 These are lovely books to read and chill out...Alexander McCall Smith.. You sir have wonderful wit!
I loved the cover and description... Review to follow! Annie Sanders.. The Gap Year for grown Ups.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Girly Bath/Skin Products

Along Came Betty Range!!!
Ladies if you happen to be near a Tesco in the near future take a wander over to their bath/shower product sector as they have some goodies there that I found.
I am not sure if the Tesco in the ROI stock these..I'm crossing fingers that they do.....
Below is the bubble bath in this cute/retro range.
Smells Divine.
Fresh and feminine.
Perfect for all the bathing beauties out there.
 Butterly Divine Smooth Rich Body Butter smells dreamy!!! This would be an excellent body butter for morning time  if you can wait a little while for it to sink in otherwise put it on at night and wake up with silky soft skin in the morning...
 The Big Scrub mitt.. Perfect for use with your favourite shower gel for exfoliation and smooth skin.
 Clean Around The Clock shower gel is a refreshing creamy wash for morning showers ... sweet smelling suds dahlings!!!!
 A cutie head band to keep hair off the face while putting on all our lotions and potions xxxxxxx
 Nivea Raspberry Rose Lip Butter.... I seem to always lose my lip balms.... Then I find 20 all at once when I am not looking... Typical!

In My Mailbox

I was sent two books today to review....I am so excited!!...... There was squeals!!!!

 Claire DeWitt and the Bohemian Highway is book 2 in the Claire DeWitt Mystery Series. The first book in the series is called Claire DeWitt and the city of the dead. If you enjoy a private investigator story with mystery and great characters then you are going to love this!
The Carriage House by Louisa Hall is a  21st century retelling of the classic story Persuasion by Jane Austen. This is sure to get fans of Austen very excited! I know I can't wait to read it.

Books were sent to me from the good folks over at

Monday, May 27, 2013

Persuader by Lee Child Review.

It was such a bad idea to start reading my very first Lee Child book late at night. Mr Child I got hardly any sleep!!!!! I did gain something from this experience....One hell of an adrenaline ride!!!!!
Okayyy there is enough testosterone in here for me to be startled that I had not grown a pair and did not have to shave my face by the time I finished the last page ,but ladies out there don't let that put you off.
From the beginning it was like  entering the cinema at the action sequence of a thriller movie, shoot outs, bad guys and some not so bad guys. It starts good stays good and finishes well ...excellent!
6foot 5,well built, hardy hunk of a man... this guy has real hero qualities about him. He is rough tough and the ladies seem to like him too although there is definitely no love interest in these books. Jack is more the" Love the one you're with" type.. At least in this, book 9 in the series....
I never knew jack existed until I by chance saw the advert for the film starring Tom Cruise... well sure after that I was hooked!.. It looked soooo good.. I then found out the film was based on these awesome books my Lee Child... So I goggle and find out that there are lots of books in this series. 18 I believe to this point and I can honestly say going by this book I am very excited. I borrowed this edition from the library but I am going to have to get my own copy now that I know how much I like this lead character of Jack. You sir rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiny In My Mailbox

I was so excited when this book arrived as I had previously listened to this through and I was really impressed by it. I have been listening to the story a lot lately and decided I needed to go out and get the actual paper version of the book. There was some serious gushing going on today when this arrived in the mail.
There is one type of book that will always interest me above all others and that is a book about a book. Between the lines is just that. The story is told in different ways. From Delilah's point of view and from Prince Oliver's point of view and then jointly. This is truly a magical story that is the perfect comfort read with a real hero at the centre and a girl who really needs a hero . Reading this story gives the same feel good feeling that being tucked up cosy and warm with a hot chocolate on a cold day will bring you with an added bear hug from someone you love. Inside the beautiful cover was unexpectedly gorgeous illustrations , I did not know they were going to be in it so they were an added bonus to an already lovely read. In Prince Oliver's sections of the book the pictures are very much fairytale like with rich colours and in Delilah's sections of the book the pictures are a lot more modern and funky and in black and white only. This is a  beautiful story that I really recommend!