Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lazy Rainy Saturday

It is one of those lazy rainy days here in Ireland and I am in need of some pampering . Out came the coloured varnishes , scented candles , books , music and skin nourishing goodies.

Above my nails are painted with Essie/ Bond With Whomever.
Lavender bag given to me by one of my best friends Ivan...

What I am listening to today........

                          All the above cd's are by Lush and are available online and in store.

To be a bathing beauty.......

To Read.....

                                              Some skin goodies to nourish and protect...
                          The cult cleansing product that is as wonderful as all the hype it gets.
                                                                           Facial oil
                                                                     Relaxing soap
                                                          Figs and Rouge Balm
                                                     Lush Once A Year Massage Bar.

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