Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Girly Bath/Skin Products

Along Came Betty Range!!!
Ladies if you happen to be near a Tesco in the near future take a wander over to their bath/shower product sector as they have some goodies there that I found.
I am not sure if the Tesco in the ROI stock these..I'm crossing fingers that they do.....
Below is the bubble bath in this cute/retro range.
Smells Divine.
Fresh and feminine.
Perfect for all the bathing beauties out there.
 Butterly Divine Smooth Rich Body Butter smells dreamy!!! This would be an excellent body butter for morning time  if you can wait a little while for it to sink in otherwise put it on at night and wake up with silky soft skin in the morning...
 The Big Scrub mitt.. Perfect for use with your favourite shower gel for exfoliation and smooth skin.
 Clean Around The Clock shower gel is a refreshing creamy wash for morning showers ... sweet smelling suds dahlings!!!!
 A cutie head band to keep hair off the face while putting on all our lotions and potions xxxxxxx
 Nivea Raspberry Rose Lip Butter.... I seem to always lose my lip balms.... Then I find 20 all at once when I am not looking... Typical!

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