Sunday, May 19, 2013

Seating Arrangements by Maggie Shipstead

This is the story about a family getting together at the family holiday home for a wedding and the story is told through the eyes of the father Winn. From the very beginning we are thrown into this husband/father's mind and he is not as happy as perhaps he should be in the days leading up to his daughters wedding. Throughout the story we get glimpses into his past especially his past relationships ,Winn spends a lot of time reminiscing and it has left him rather unsettled now and he is craving things in his life that are surprising him and leaving him feeling rather uncomfortable. What I liked about this story was  I felt so sorry for Winn even  though I did not agree with decisions he was making.. He was such a lost character I felt he needed nurturing. This was an awesome read full of moments to reflect on.

This book is due for release in July in paperback on and all good bookstores.
I received this book from and you can view it here where you can also read a free excerpt:

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