Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Book Haul- Pre Loved

 I had previously read The Birthing house by this author and found that a very eerie read so I was very excited when I saw that this book was by the same author Christopher Ransom.
 There are so many great reviews on Mitch Albom's books that I just had to check this one out.
 Ohhhh a thriller...Can't wait to read all about it... I will not be reading this one at night time.
 A Classic!! Have any of you read this book.. Lorna Doone...
 I had the regular book of Twilight but had to get this one to see what it was like. Flicking through it the detail is amazing.
 Another Classic in a very old cover...
 I have a few editions of this book... gotta love it!!
 I have this with another cover but it was such an awesome story I had to get it again.
 I read this authors first book and really enjoyed it so I had to get this one too.
 Non Fiction account of travelling the world...Yes please!! I can day dream my way around the world with the author as I sit in the garden this weekend... weather permitting.
 A Christmas book...I know nothing at all about this yet... review to follow on all these books.
 Love Eva... Wonderful children's author!
 Have never read any books but I have a feeling it will be right up my street. I love a good adventure and I do not care what age group it is aimed at... With a good book it does not matter...
I loved these Point Horror books as a teenager. I can't remember if I read this one but it sounds familiar. I will definitely be reviewing this one... I may dedicate A week in November to Point Horror books. Love them!!!!

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  1. Great haul Edel! I used to read tons of Point Horror books when I was younger, absolutely loved them. Seem to remember one called The Beach that creeped me out lol! :-)