Monday, May 27, 2013

Persuader by Lee Child Review.

It was such a bad idea to start reading my very first Lee Child book late at night. Mr Child I got hardly any sleep!!!!! I did gain something from this experience....One hell of an adrenaline ride!!!!!
Okayyy there is enough testosterone in here for me to be startled that I had not grown a pair and did not have to shave my face by the time I finished the last page ,but ladies out there don't let that put you off.
From the beginning it was like  entering the cinema at the action sequence of a thriller movie, shoot outs, bad guys and some not so bad guys. It starts good stays good and finishes well ...excellent!
6foot 5,well built, hardy hunk of a man... this guy has real hero qualities about him. He is rough tough and the ladies seem to like him too although there is definitely no love interest in these books. Jack is more the" Love the one you're with" type.. At least in this, book 9 in the series....
I never knew jack existed until I by chance saw the advert for the film starring Tom Cruise... well sure after that I was hooked!.. It looked soooo good.. I then found out the film was based on these awesome books my Lee Child... So I goggle and find out that there are lots of books in this series. 18 I believe to this point and I can honestly say going by this book I am very excited. I borrowed this edition from the library but I am going to have to get my own copy now that I know how much I like this lead character of Jack. You sir rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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