Monday, May 27, 2013

Tiny In My Mailbox

I was so excited when this book arrived as I had previously listened to this through and I was really impressed by it. I have been listening to the story a lot lately and decided I needed to go out and get the actual paper version of the book. There was some serious gushing going on today when this arrived in the mail.
There is one type of book that will always interest me above all others and that is a book about a book. Between the lines is just that. The story is told in different ways. From Delilah's point of view and from Prince Oliver's point of view and then jointly. This is truly a magical story that is the perfect comfort read with a real hero at the centre and a girl who really needs a hero . Reading this story gives the same feel good feeling that being tucked up cosy and warm with a hot chocolate on a cold day will bring you with an added bear hug from someone you love. Inside the beautiful cover was unexpectedly gorgeous illustrations , I did not know they were going to be in it so they were an added bonus to an already lovely read. In Prince Oliver's sections of the book the pictures are very much fairytale like with rich colours and in Delilah's sections of the book the pictures are a lot more modern and funky and in black and white only. This is a  beautiful story that I really recommend!

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