Friday, May 10, 2013

New and Pre-loved Book Haul..A Mixed Bag

There is an awesome cover on this book below.. The colours!! The car!! Wowza! This screams holiday book!! Michelle Jackson's book One Kiss in Havana looks awesome!
 Elements of Italy .... Any book that can take the reader along to foreign climates has my vote right now..
 The book that had a film staring Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio made out of it. Can't wait!
 I have only heard good things about this author Ian McEwan so I am looking forward to seeing for myself what this book is all about.
 If you love a thriller, then from previous experience you can't go wrong with this author Faye Kellerman!
 I already have another copy of this book but as it was on a major sale I could not resist.. Does anybody else get multiple copies of good books to give to friends when they ask about good books to read????
The character Jack Reacher has been in mags a lot lately since the film with Tom Cruise in the books by Lee Child.... I am trying to get all the series of books before I start into reading them... then I intend seeing the film. . I love a macho hero and Jack sounds like a great one from everything I have read so far.
 Inkdeath..I have two other copies of this but I like to keep one copy to highlight my favourite quotes and thoughts... Yes I know....Miss Geek!
 Another book I have a previous copy off.. What can I say ... it is the longest series I have ever followed.... seriously I started these books in my teens and the series is still going strong.. Not many books left in the alphabet series and I just may cry when we get to z.

 Have you read any of the books by Little Black dress... Perfect Girly reads.. Love em!
 James Herbert.It is few authors that can really give you the creepy cold feeling up your spine. This author could always manage it! He was truly awesome and I for one will be sad that there will be no more new releases from him.
 I don't know anything about this author or book but I did love the cover which is why I got it... I will let you know in the review what I think of it.
 Angels and demons... Well I loved The DaVinci Code so I thought I would give this a go. Esp as the new book by this author is out very soon.
 Gotta love Daphne Du Maurier!!
 Awesome cover and sounds creepy enough to be fabulous!
 I love Dawn and I read this book before but I did not have my own copy.. I do now Yay!!!!

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