Monday, December 10, 2018

Persephone Gift Subscription

Persephone Bookshop in London is a beautiful independent publisher of once out of print or forgotten books , brought back , given a fresh crisp look and with especially lovely details , just check inside the cover and you will see what I mean . Its a complete book lovers treat with matching bookmarks. 

Books in grey covers bought directly through the shop online ( or just call them, they’re lovely )get free matching bookmarks . 

I was gifted this subscription and it’s my very first Persephone subscription , each month I get a new book that comes with a bookmark . It’s so exciting and the perfect gift for a special someone in your life if you are stuck figuring what to get them. 

Here is a link to the shop and they ship internationally:

Making Conversation by Christine Longford . Book 1 in my subscription .

A Lady And Her Husband by Amber Reeves . Book 2 in my subscription . 

Friday, December 7, 2018

The Secret by Jennifer Wells . Review

This story was So good I literally could not put it down , so I didn’t and read it in one sitting , I could not get enough of these characters , and they have stayed with me since I have finished the book . The story goes back and forth in time , from the 1920’s and 1940’s and centers around two women , Lily and Ivy . The story is an interesting one as we see how the past can effect current relationships and change people for the worst with its long term damaging effects . The elusive Dr Cuthbertson was a character I loved to hate , although there is not that much narration with him he leaves a strong presence throughout the story , and that lingers . 

Reading about the medical professional from the 1940’s was really interesting too , the way women were helping women and trying to modernize reproductive health was really moving . 

This was a fabulous read with strong women characters and a big old creepy house filled with secrets , both combine wonderfully . I loved this . 

I received this book to review from the lovely people over at Netgalley and Aria Publishing . 

This book has now been published and is available from all good bookstores  . Below please find the links:

The Secret – Jennifer Wells



About the author


Jennifer works in Market Research when not writing. She lives in Devon with her young family and cat. The Secret is her third novel in the series set in fictional Missenham in the Home Counties.



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Twitter handle: @jenwellswriter

Facebook: @JenniferWells


About the book


A tightly woven story full of secrets and lies with a breathtaking finale.


London 1920 – Troubled young dancer, Lily, is invited to remote Elmridge House, home of the wealthy theatre benefactor Dr Cuthbertson to escape her troubled past. An isolated guest room and a surprise pregnancy leave her longing to return to the stage and her London life. She soon discovers that Elmridge House is not all that it seems - the house holds secrets which make it difficult for her to leave.


Missensham 1942 – Young nurse Ivy Watts is called out to a patient at Elmridge House, home of the aloof Mrs Cuthbertson and reclusive Dr Cuthbertson. Ivy is entranced by the opulence of the house and its glamorous past, but when she tells her mother about Mrs Cuthbertson, her mother becomes fearful and forbids her from returning to the house.


What secrets does Elmridge House hold? And why does Lily’s mother live in fear of the mysterious Mrs Cuthbertson?


Perfect for the fans of Lesley Pearce and Susan Lewis.


Buy links


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Catch and If Yucon by Maddy Hunter . Review .

This is book 12 in the “Passport To Peril “ series featuring main character Emily , a tour escort who leads groups in foreign countries  . In book 12 her tour group are visiting the breathtaking Alaska , amid the glorious scenery of huge glaciers and whale watching the groups high spirits take a drastic slump when a body of a member of the group is found . If that was not enough excitement another member manages to catch an eerie looking sight on camera adding some more excitement to their holiday . 

This was so much fun , reading about somewhere I have never been was intriguing and  getting to know the characters in the tour group was very enjoyable as they are such a colorful group of older tourists , each with their own quirks . I had no idea who the murderer was until the very end of the book , that was half the fun , trying to see if I could figure it out. Emily’s family were my favorite , each one funny and full of energy , I wish I had found this series sooner ! I can’t wait to go back and read the the books from the beginning  . If you enjoy a book series set in different locations in each new book , I would say definitely check this out ! 

I received this book to review from the lovely people over at Netgalley .

This book is being published December 8th  , 2018 and will be available from all good bookstores then . Below please find the link:

Goodreads :

Monday, December 3, 2018

Killer Classics by Kim Roberts . Review

This is book 5 in the Book Barn Mystery series set in Hazel Rock ,Texas , and is based around the family run bookshop and book club run and owned by Charli Rae Warren and her dad Bobby . The town has quite a few quirky residents making it really enjoyable getting to know them , but it  is also hiding a killer . 

I loved the description of the bookshop and bookclub , also the camaraderie amongst the bookclub members was touching especially when one of their own encounters danger. 

This was a really enjoyable read and I can’t wait to go back and start this series from the beginning even though it’s not necessary to have read previous books  to enjoy this ,  book 5 . 

I received this book to review from the lovely people over at Netgalley .

This book is being published December 4th and will be available from all good bookstores then . Below please find the links:


New Arrivals At Mulberry Lane by Rosie Clarke . Review

This is book four in this series set in 1943 in London . The story centers around the family and friends who live on Mulberry lane ,  they are a very tight knit community each with their own ups and downs and everyone tries to help each other out . It is a truly heartwarming story that really gets you invested in the characters from the very start and you are rooting for them to do well throughout the story as they try to make the best of life during the war and all the hardships that go with that . To make a good story even better there is two despicable characters included , I was hoping for their demise so I read eagerly to see if I got my wish .

The plot was so good I did not want to put it down , so I didn’t , who needs sleep anyway !  Would  I recommend this ? Most  definitely! 

I received this book to review from the lovely people over at Netgalley .

This book is being published December 4th and will be available from all good bookstores then . Below please find the links:


Game Of Scones by Mary Lee Ashford . Review

The story is set around main character , Rosetta Sugarbaker Calloway ,she has changed direction slightly in her career recently and now publishes community cookery books with her friend and work partner , baker , Dixie Spicer . The duo are known as Sugar and Spice and they have yet to come across a mystery that has got the better of them , so when arch enemies Elsie and Bertie have a major falling out in small town St Ignatious it’s not long before it becomes obvious that there is a lot more to their feud then it first seems . 

This was a delicious foodie mystery that was near impossible to read without munching on something tasty. 

I especially loved the friendship between Rosetta and Dixie , these are ladies you want on your side when trouble comes knocking as they won’t give up until they can help those who need it . 

An added bonus was the book also contained some delicious recipes at the back . I recommend this to all mystery fans . 

I received this book to review from the lovely people over at Netgalley .

This book is being published December 4th and will be available from all good bookstores then . Below please find the links:


Book Haul

Once Upon A Time by Cleo Coyle.

Below and above are some new books by Author Cleo Coyle and Anna James . I have followed this series from book 1 and the series is at book 17 now .

The series is set in a coffee shop in New York and its one of my favorites . There is also usually recipes at the back of each book which is an added bonus and lovely surprise at the end of the book . If you are looking for a cosy mystery series to start with then this is one of a few I would recommend.  

Dead To The Last Drop by Cleo Coyle 

Holiday Buzz by Cleo Coyle 

A Brew To A Kill by Cleo Coyle 
Dead Cold Brew by Cleo Coyle . 

The first came across this book ( Tilly And The Bookwanderers )through my local on-line library . I am about 50+ pages in and I love it . The outer covers of this book are striking but the most gorgeous thing about it is the inner covers . Check them out below .