Monday, May 13, 2013

In My Mailbox

I love getting goodies in the mail and today I had three goodies...
First up was this book I have been very excited about, in fact I had it pre-ordered .. Topped Chef by Lucy Burdette!!!!
The series is about a food critic called Hayley Snow who lives in Key West...It is a really awesome series for anyone who enjoys a cozy mystery or indeed just a great story set somewhere very scenic. (review to follow).
Don't you just adore this cover!!!!

Then I got sent these two books below for review from
First up is The Secrets Women Keep by Fanny Blake ,this book is published by Orion Books.. This book is not out until early July but I will have a review up way before then because the title has me intrigued. It instantly makes you ask questions....Who are these women.... What could they be hiding.... Are the secrets bad.... The list goes on.. I love the sound of this...
Next book I got sent was The Killing Game by J.A . Kerley. This book is published by Harper Collins. The cover is really creepy which I love!!!
Going by the synopsis at the back of the book this is going to full of action, killing sprees and a man who is trying to stop it.. Sounds like a gripping ,gruesome read.... Love it!! This book is going to be published in June but I will have review up for this one a lot earlier too. My mailbox has just been full of goodies today... Yay!!!!

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