Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Killing Game by J. A. Kerley Review

The story pulls you in slowly and is told in two ways, by the officers trying to apprehend a killer and from the killers point of view. The story starts gentle giving you little titbits about the killer and his life and habits. His point of view throughout the story is chilling on many occasions where as things that would not rattle most people , would annoy him beyond belief. It was really alarming which made it a thrilling and gripping read.  The killer is showing no sign of a pattern to his murders which  makes it a lot harder to catch him , the MPD specialist for bizarre and twisted crimes Carson Ryder in charge of the case  does not even know where to begin and it causing him a lot of frustration ,   it does not help that he is also being taunted . As the story goes on we get glimpses into the killers past and those in themselves are enough to give you goosebumps . The parts of the story that  we are seeing  though the eyes of the killer are very dark times ,his thoughts are very disturbing! I was very surprised by the ending of the story as I thought it may have gone another way but it was a satisfying ending nonetheless. Highly recommend to those who like their fiction on the disturbing side.

I received this book for review from the kind folks over at and it will be available to buy in June 2013 from Lovereading as well as other good bookstores.
You can check it out there and read an extract for this book.

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