Saturday, May 4, 2013

Gold of the Gods by Bear Grylls review

I really enjoyed this book!!!! First can I say the characters are awesome and brave and gutsy.. We get a good back history as to why Beck and his uncle are so close and it really sets us up for the story. We first meet Beck when he and  his Uncle Al are in Columbia... Beck is not long there when the story take a drastic turn and Beck and his buddies Christina and Marco find themselves using ever bit of survival knowledge that they  have ever learned. From the opening pages to the very last one this story will you keep you on your toes and your adrenaline pumping as you watch these friends come up against all manner of hazard and animal/sea life. The story does not get boring at any stage, it keeps a steady pace which makes reading it easy and fun . The book has plenty of survival tips as well as little snippets of history.. It is fascinating seeing how these friends use all their skills in the wilderness while telling you things not to do. This story will appeal to all who love adventure with a sense of danger ...I am really excited about this series!

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