Saturday, July 28, 2012

Books That Haunt You At Night!!!!

shhhh... come closer...
Have you ever read a book late at night... perhaps it's raining outside... all the house is quiet except for the creaking of the house settling for the night...
You are tucked up cosy in your bed.... Your nightlight is on....Your new book awaits....
The lady in the bookshop/Library suggested innocently thought that it was harmless due to the fact that your librarian looks like a good scare would probably land her flat on her back with her pulse flying through the roof and paramedics would be needed to pound on her chest.

Let's call our lovely librarian/bookseller as Mrs Gibbins( Not real name of course)
This lady always dresses so pretty and elegent. has a fondness for skirts and heels and always looks impecible. This would be the last person that you would ever have picked to give you a book that will take ten years off your life..
It seems Mrs Gibbins is a secret Horror fan.. a fact that you could have done with knowing before you got a recommendation from her.
The story probably started innocent enough.. You might be feeling a little confident at this might be feeling smug about the amount of terror you can put up with but wait.... just wait....
Then the story begins to take a turn for the grizzly... your most favourite character does not look like she is going to last very many more pages and then WHAM !!!!!!
Blood everywhere, psycho killers/machetes/dismembered body parts!!!!!!!!!!

Suddenly being alone in your house reading at night does not seem such a good idea..
Sounds that likely happen all through daylight hours suddenly take on new meaning and your terror mounts.....Trying to remember if you locked the outer doors of your house enter your head along with what could be used as a weapon should you find yourself having to confront some lunatic with an eye for making your body into one large gigsaw puzzle with nothing more then a machete and a crazed look in his eye.

At this point it is likely that your book is now back on your bedside table where as your pulse is nearing danger levels ....
Now folks this is where we learn our lesson...
Not all folks like the books we expect them to.
Not all nice old ladies like Miss Marple and cookery books on how to make your own scones.
No... as we have learned some nice old ladies have more gumption then we could have ever guessed and any mad lunatic coming into their house in the middle of the night is likely to be carried out in a body bag with a tag on his toe if he takes this little old lady for granted.

So please folks...Never Judge a book by a  person !!!

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