Sunday, July 15, 2012

Creepy Books And Mad Ass Killers

Every so often I enjoy a good bookish type scare... no I dont mean the times when I realise I have gone out sans book.I mean when you are reading a book.. perhaps at night time and just as it is getting good you realise you are entering goosebump territory... Yes folks meet "The Horrors".

When life is feeling a little blahhh then these are perhaps the books you want to put into your basket at the local bookshop when you need to give yourself a good jump start.
When I say jumpstart I do in fact mean a ruddy great fright!!!!!!

Now we all have different tastes when it comes to books so lets go through our options.

1= We have Vampires/ Zombies/ Trolls/ Imps/Fairies(the bad ones)( No pink glittery fairy dust here)

2=Psycho Killer Books... These are most unpleasant..generally likely to keep you up all night wondering what nut job may be trying to break into your house and kill you with a big axe.

3= Supernatural thriller/horror ... Well just about anything can and will likely happen in these books.You may as well just read these from behind the biggest fluffiest pink pillow you can lay your hands on ..

4= Hitchhiker books.. Now this may seem innocent enough but think about any film about hitchhikers you have ever seen and now rethink this choice.. there is always some mad killer  who for no apparant reason wants to remove your innards... well. perhaps he missed his favourite tv show or the local store was out of his favourite beer.. who knows....a whole host of peeps are likely to die in these books....

 5= Haunted house books.. Now only if you have been living under a rock your entire life will you not know about these ones.. Haunted house books are exactly that.. if you are expecting anything less then you may want to move on my loves..There will likely be one or more idiot people who decide to go into said house .. most likely at night time/ halloween . They will wander around all floors( normally cellar,1st floor, 2nd floor , attic) with a pathetic or overly confident friend (this is most likely the person that came up with the bright idea to come in here in the first place) then with a wonky flashlight that is  likely to die at some point they will walk around house as the mad ass killer trails them around as he has a little giggle to himself .... No amount of strange noises deter these soon to be victims until the last noise they hear which is likely to be a blunt object to the head.

6- Witches.. I am barely including these here as quite frankly witch books are not as scary as they used to be. When they started wearing high heels and make-up and carrying handbags well they loose some of their ability to scare the bejayyus out of me.


  1. I agree Edel, not like a great scary book to get the blood flowing. And I rely on Stephen King to give me the shivers on dark, rainy nights!
    One of my favorites is The Stand, its a HUGE book but well worth the time invested in it. I really get into his characters. He really breathes life into each one, kinda like Koontz another favorite.
    But to be honest with you, the only thing that has EVER, truely scared me is a TV show called American Horror!!!!! I actually had to take a break from it because it was SO, SO, SO intense! Silly huh? ~shivers~ :)

  2. It should have read "nothing" like a...

  3. Omg I can't believe I don't know about that show. I must have a look on Amazon and see if I could get it on there. Yep Stephen King writes horror books in the way that you will remember some of the details at all the wrong times like if you are alone at night or walking in the dark etc.. seriously gives the shivers. I love Dean Koontz too. Do you have a favourite of his Judy?

  4. Actually I love his The "Odd" series. Its not scary at all I just love the main character Odd. Koontz as usual gives his readers a chance to view his love affair with prose...Lord that guy can write.
    American Horror is one scary TV show. The second season is starting here in Aug I believe. My granddaughters are crazy about it. (15 & 17)The scares are plenty and sometimes overwhelming. Ive been known to change channels and catch it again later. lol
    I hope you can find it and watch it. I'd be interested in what you think.

  5. I will def look for this and let you know. It sounds great and just the type of thing I would enjoy watching .Thanks for recommending Judy xxxx