Monday, July 23, 2012

My Desert Island Books

Ahoy there!!!!!

Ahhhh a desert island.. peace tranquility and uninterupted reading.
Okayyy the chances of getting stranded on a desert island are in fact very slim.. If it is a case that I do ever make it on to a deserted island .. remain stuck there for any amount of time and then get back to tell the tale I will in fact chew my shoe... .. or not...
I probably spend more time thinking about this then I prob should but let's face it alot of  us book types probably do the same at one stage or another.
A desert island ... what books would I take to read.... the mind boggles..
Okay I am guessing I will probably need some from every genre ..

OK let's go.... Overboard!!!!!.... I loved that movie( Goldie Hawn,Kurt Russell)

Children's/ya /awesome : Harry Potter series.. Do I have to explain this one?.... no.. did not think so.

Classics: Little Women.. Some strong female characters in this gem.. I will need some positive female role models if I am going to be on this island for a while and trying to survive while not going all girly( that was slightly sexist remark.. I apologise ladies) at night screaming at every odd noise.

Horror:The entire works of Stephen King... Those should keep me up at night, but that's ok as I can spend all night lying on the beach star gazing and wondering what on earth I was thinking bringing horror books with me at all when some great wilderbeast/rabies infected monkey could be lurking  behind some banana tree...

Dystopian:The Hunger Games: As bad as my situation may be while stuck on an island I am guessing it would be alot better then in the this book... At least if I am here by myself I won't be killing others to get out alive.This shall be my "go to" book should I start to feel fed up and want a nice " well if you think your situation is bad be grateful it is not like this" type book.

Romantic:  I think this is a bad idea .. who needs to be reading about romance when wandering  solo on an island..

Non Fiction: Helene Hanff's complete non fiction works. I could probably  go to the island with just her books and just be content with those.I could be daydreamiing about the streets of New York while on a sandy beach somewhere exotic( desert islands are always hot and exotic...well to me they are!)( I am not going to be stranded on no drizzly cold beach somewhere of the coast of Ireland where I will freeze my buns off while getting cold atlantic spray on my books... no sirrie.. If I am going to be stranded you can bet your Gucci sling backs it's going to be hot!!!

Thriller: It is not a book that I could fit in one particular genre as it covers a few. I would read Anna Dressed In Blood. It got me from the first chapter and the thrills just kept coming  after that.

Fiction: The Jane Austen Book Club or The entire works of Sue Grafton... I never read The Jane Austen Book Club until I had watched the movie and now I really enjoy!!!. Books about books, Sure whats not to love about that!!The Sue Grafton alphabet series is more wonderful then I can ever possibly describe : ..Kinsey Milhone.. PI .. Smart.. Gutsy... Fit.. food muncher..Catcher of bad guys... even if not on a desert island I would read these!!

Cookery: I can't imagine my diet is going to be very exciting while on the island so I pick a cookery book to look at all the pretty pictures.. I can imagine fruit and water are about as exciting as my diet is likely to be while there. So I pick this beauty..... And yes the recipes are as great as you can imagine they would be in here.

Planning a desert island must have list?
Have some favourite's that you have  already thought of ?
Leave them in the comments below me hearties!!!!! ( apparently I envisage Pirates there too ;0)


  1. Little Woman would have to go with me too. I have just recently read my first Stephen King novel, The Stand, and was pleasantly surprised. I expected straight up gore, but got an intense story that is close enough to reality to scare the heck out of me.
    - FABR Steph

  2. I do love the way Stephen King can build a story leading to a full on creepy feeling. He is excellent at this !! Sorry I did not see your comment earlier :0)