Saturday, July 7, 2012

This Week I am Reading ........

This week the books on my TBR list are as follows...

Divergent by Veronica Roth.. I am probably one of the last book bloggers reading this but what can I say...Anyways.. this is a dystopian book that sounds similar to The Hunger Games trilogy.. Cannot wait to read this one !!!
The next book was .....The book about the Gilmore Girls tv show. Jess arrives in this book. He is notorious nephew of Luke from Luke's Diner. Rory's mum joins the Puffs.. It looks like it will be a fun read.

If I manage to finish reading those two then I am rereading......
Letter From New York by Helene Hanff. A wonderful non fiction book by my favourite authur.
I am also listening to Inkheart by Cornelia Funke. This is a great book That I have previosly read so it makes a nice change to hear the story being read. Meggie is the main character in this book about a book called inkheart . When Meggie's father reads the book it comes alive with alarming results.. It is a great book about books..It is book one in a three book series.
The Lollipop shoes by Joanne Harris the follow on book from Chocolat.. This is the second book in the Chocolat series.

So that is my reading for this week. Are you reading anything good/ Would you like to recommend a boo?. Feel free to comment below and thanks for stopping by xxxxx

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