Friday, July 6, 2012

The Best Bad Guys In Books

Voldermort-Harry Potter-J K Rowling.. Well this guy just did not know when to call it a day.. Dude.. get over yourself.. Your dark Lord days are over.. Time to move over and let Mr/ Potter and the wee weasley lads take a break without the constant threat of you turning up.. Stalk much !!!

Norman Bates-Psycho-This dude had a very unhealthy mother/son relationship.If your mother dies Norman...bury her.. do not keep her in your house talking to her daily as she stinks up the living room.......blahhhhh

Jack Torrence- The Shining- Stephen King.... OK.. You are sharing a huge  hotel in the middle of nowhere in the worst weather imaginable and this crazy assed dude is on the hunt for you and your child...scared much ... OOOOOOhhh YEAH!!!!!You may need to get the big axe and run as fast as your little legs can carry you..

Guy Woodhouse-Rosemary's Baby-Ira Levin...If your husband is will willing to lend you out to the local occult members in your building for to make you pregant while you are unconsious then you may want to get a good solicitor and get yourself a divorce.....

Joe St George- Dolores Claiborne-Stephen King.... Bad husband, Bad Father.Thief need I go on.. No wonder he ended up where he did.That was one eclipse he will not forget.. Stephen King sure knows how to write a bad guy..


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