Monday, July 30, 2012

Reading This Week.


I had tried reading this second book in the inkheart trilogy before without success. I had got half way through and abandoned it. This time I am having better luck with it . The plot is complex and I can't really read other books while reading this as my brain would end up like a bowl of spaghetti. Most of the time I can dip in and out of ten books easily and remember what's going on.. not this time...
The trilogy in short is about books that come alive when read by certain people . Those people can read the story and bring people out of the books and some people can go in too. (sometimes unintentionally) .
This trilogy is really for fans of books about books. It is a Children's/Ya book but any adult will equally love it.
There are some wonderful characters in this  trilogy.Inkheart,Inkspell,Inkdeath.

 My favourite characters are Mo, Meggie, Elinor and Farid. Mo is a bookbinder/book doctor (as I adore books  I think a doctor for books makes me warm to Mo as much as I did). He takes care of all the sick and near dead books with tender loving care . It is not just work to him he loves to read too. Meggie is Mo's daughter and Mo has passed on his love for reading to his daughter who shares his passion for the written word. Elinor is Meggie's aunt and she is quite the character. Full of wit and sarcasm she collects/reads/worships books. They really are a family of book lovers. It truly is a book about books.

 This trilogy takes my imagination on trips to many different worlds as I try and picture all the books I have read and wonder what if the characters could be read out of the books.. or I could be read in...
Would I be hiding out in a room in The Overlook hotel  from the book The Shining  by Stephen King  as weird and wonderful things happen in the hotel and the crazed authur is trying to kill his family..
Could I be down the rabbit hole with Alice and having tea with the mad hatter.
Maybe I am on top of the Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton on my way to lands and adventures far away...
Would I recommend these books. You bet your socks I would!!!!
Books are wonderful for the imagination.. esp in children and in the few adults who have not forgotten how to dream.

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