Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Life And Times Of A Bookish Girl And Her Unbookish Friends

Does your friends eyes glaze over when you start talking about new books?
Are your friends stunned when they hear how many days it is until some authur they had never heard of has a book being released and you are watching the countdown on Amazon/The Book Depository like a hawk watching his lunch on the run.
Meet the unbookish friends..
Blast them anyway!!! There is always a few in every circle of friends :0)

Let me paint a picture for you.
There you are , lovely glow on the skin, almost panting with excitement, you just got it....
A New book  of course!.....
OOhhh the excitement!!!!!
It's hardback's smoothe crisp pages..the gentle sound of the first pages as you turn each one......eeekkkkk.....(insert girlish squeel here) ooohhh the excitement!!!!

There was one particular book I was very excited about coming out many years ago.
The countdown had been going on for 8 months.
I was more excited then a expectant mother..
The night before it was released had arrived.
Alarm clock was set.
Clothes laid out on the bed.
Jacket,shoes,purse,keys all ready...I was more prepared then on my wedding day.

Book Release day !!!!!! Yay!!!!!!
There I was in line with all the other fans of the authur waiting to pick up our hardback editions of the new release..
There was alot of people lined up and lots of laughter and banter going on between these book lovers.
Here we were early in the morning,talking about plot lines and our favourite characters when most people were in their bed.
I felt like of all the places on earth here was a bunch of people that understood.
Understood what?.... you might ask..
The real, honest to god love of books.
Some people when given books as a gift look upon said gift with a face on them like a slapped arse.
When people give me books as gifts I shout Comrade!!!!!!!!

Now if I had told my unbookish friends about this lovely day, there would have been shaking of heads and worrying about getting me into what ever the book eqivalant of AA was.
When I told my book loving friends they were telling me of the same day they had getting up early and doing the same thing I did. !!!!!

So, as I have got a little wiser( I am not going to say older although....yikes!!!, that is happening very quickly now too) I have reeled in the excitement when around whatever the name is for an unbookish person ... I'am damned if I know the name to that one.
All bookish excitement I now curb until I get on line and can gush to all my book friends who understand my addiction.
Here we can talk daily about all the lovely books out there in the world that we have found, and long time favourites, and recommend until are hearts are content.
So although I may have to wait until I log on, I now have an outlet for book gushing with unlimited like minded people .My few book friends without internet access(shock horror!!!) I cherish so much too . When we can sit down with a cuppa and some biscuits and cake and chat about what we have been reading as we try and convince the other person that honestly they would love it, I am grateful for all the friends I made because of these bundles of paper  !!!

So, what to do when none of your friends are big readers.


  1. I'm lucky because both my mom and my sis love to read, so I have always someone to talk about books, about buying books, how we liked a certain book and so one.
    I love that there are people in my life who are also avid readers, it makes life so much better.

  2. My sis loves to read and I have book club friends in town and on the internet I can share my passion for books with.

  3. It is a wonderful thing to have people in your life that share a love of reading as much as you do. It is also great to get their insight to books that you both have read. :0) Reading is such a great hobbie/addiction !!!I cannot imagine my life without books in it.