Monday, July 30, 2012

Cookery Books / Some Of The Best!! Part 1

Now, you may think these are strange types of books to collect, but I love them!!!
Some people might be thinking surely to heaven one good cookbook  is all you need but honestly.. just as you would not go round eating the same dozen meals during your entire lifetime neither should you limit yourself to just one cookbook.
A lovely friend of mine called Ruth who lives in America sent me this wonderful book last year.

I had previously asked Ruth which American cookbook she could recommend to me. I got such a surprise when it showed up as it covered just about every recipe you could ever imagine.
I am a note maker when it comes to cookery books and I like to add my own notes/post-its/pencil marks( yes I know.. look at me.. vandal!!). Cookbooks I am afraid take alot of my vandal behaviour!.
What can I say ,I'm a scribbler :0)

So guys, are you interested in chocolate and baking at all??
Yes.. OOhh good I'am glad..
Check out these beauties then so.
From our lovely Irish writer Marian Keyes we have this beauty..

Then this beautiful book by Trish Deseine... Ohhh this book will have you reaching for the chocolate quicker then you can say Willy Wonka..The pictures in this book are a chocoholics dream and I do believe it cannot be read when there is no chcoclate in the house.

Then we have the lovely Rachel Allen, daughter of Darina Allen equally as fabulous and famous. What these ladies can't do in a kitchen is not even worth talking about.

We are fortunate over here to have some lovely lads cooking and writing books about it.
Here we have : Donal Skehan. This young man can whip up a tasty meal while making it look a breeze.

Then the lovely :Kevin Dundon
Anyone who has seen this man on tv cook will understand. He cooks with great humour and charm and you cannot fail to smile watching him cook his delicious meals.

Above are some of the wonderful recipe books by the legend that is Julia Child. Retro Fabulous right here folks !!!! These were also the inspiration behind the book Julie and Julia that was also made into a film of the same name.

We have a wonderful cookery magazine over in Ireland called Easy Food. It covers everything from recipies for breakfast,lunch,dinner,snacks ,desserts. It is always seasonal and the reipes delicious and told in a way that will make even the most nervous of cooks feel like a chef in their own kitchen. They are great at recommending /mentioning great local producers of food and where to find up to the minute kitchen products and merchandise and stockists.

These next two books are by two more awesome Ladies.Both British(as far as I know)
First Sophie Dahl, granddaughter of the writer Roald Dahl who was most famous for his books for children.( He wrote adult books too)
Sophie's book is both pretty and full of unusual recipes. The cover alone is worth buying this for.
Now the second lady who deserves a mention is the stunning Gizzi.. This stunning lady struts her retro look on tv while serving up some grub that could make your toes curl in delight. Is the cake on the front cover not reason enough to convince you??
Do you have a recipe book you turn to again and again.. If so let me know in the commenst below. I would love to hear from you xxxx
Until next time my lovelies xxx


  1. How amazing to see this particular blog! Hope you don't mind me hoggin the posts.:)
    I collect cookbooks from the 40s and 50s. I have some from the other decades too but find the 50s the most interesting!
    When my mom passed away I inherited her cookbooks and hers were like little treasure chests filled with handwritten notes to each of her kids and my dad that she had saved over the years. Oh my goodness, it was like reading a journal, There were lots of photos too and funny cartoons and articles cut from various publications! It goes without saying that these are by far my favorite cook books of all! I wrapped a huge rubber bands around each one so their contents stay nestled within. They have a place of honor on my bookshelf! :)

  2. You do not talk to much!! I love seeing you on here having a natter to me about books :0). What wonderful memories you must have of those cookbooks. My mum has one that she has had for many many years that I hope she will give to me some day. These are the perfect items to be handed down in families for further generations to cherish.When every I see my own mother's it reminds me that christmas is just around the corner. All her other recipes she has stored in her head. I am trying to get her to write them down for me. xxxx I don't believe I have any cookbooks from the 40's,50,s from the 60's on I do. I always keep a look out for some. Used bookstores seem to be the best places to get the cookbooks that are not out of print.

  3. Sorry that should have read Used bookstores are the best places to get the cookbooks that are now out of print.