Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Bookshop

When the world is looking grey outside and your feeling a little down in the mouth, it may be time to visit this store.
When I walk in there is soft music playing in the background .Nobody speaks above a high whisper and you are left alone to wander to your hearts content.
The store is long rather then wide.
On the left as you walk in the door there is pretty cards,wrapping paper, bookmarks and various other bits and bobs. On the right hand side there is the new releases. Here I linger quite a while. It can be a blessing being 5"2 here as the taller people still can see above my head while we politely shuffle from side to side so everyone gets a view of the lower shelfs.
All the right hand side of the store is books, every genre and mixed hardbacks and paperbacks.
After checking out the new releases I check out the books on sale then wander down to the fiction section. This is where I have found some real gems in the past.
At this point I normally have a few books stacked up in my arms and there is always someone that comes over and offers to take them to the till for me... phewww.. arms free for more browsing.

Towards the back of the store I save the ya/childrens section for last as it the area that impresses me most.. It is almost like a den here. You will find the most beautiful illustrated books here alongside classic childrens books.I can only imagine what it is like to be a child coming down here and being allowed to pick a book. The choice between wizards and bad guys, zombies and  yellow brick roads, is so mind boggling that it would have taken me forever as a child to pick just one.

So after I pay for my purchases and leave the haven that is one of my very favourite book stores with my arms pulled down with the weight of my bags I go to my favourite restaurant/tea shop with who ever decided to share my shopping spree, and over icy cold drinks we discuss all the books as we wait for our food to arrive......

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