Friday, July 27, 2012

Really Enjoyable Book Vloggers On Youtube

When I started to look around on line for bookish type peeps to interact with and have a little bit of banter with I came across all these wonderful book vloggers on youtube. I have spent so many hours watching their wonderful, comic informative and engaging vlogs that it would be a shame for you all to not meet them too. So in no particular order please meet these wonderful people yourself. This list is by no means finished (but my typing fingers were becoming knackered) , there will be a second list up next week but for now off you go and meet these wonderful peeps and subscribe to their channels.

Les and Becks over at
Amanda over at  
Sabrina over at   
Lesley over at    
 Ariel at              
Misty at              
This lovely lady  
Charley over at  
Debra over at     
 Jennie over at              
Krista over at     

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