Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blabbering And Blundering Along

So.. there I was, taking a wander down Diagon Alley to pick up a few bits before heading to the leaky cauldron for a few ice cold butter beers....well no not quite...
I was wandering from the kitchen after making rice crispy treats and a pot of soup . What is it with this weather.. summer my arse!!! I do believe I may have hallucinated sunshine last week.. it only lasted a few mins and it was very hazy so there is a good chance the fumes from lighting the gas cooker caused the sudden appearance of the imaginary sunshine..
All this non sunshine weather ( now known by me as second winter) is leading me to hobbies and food type things normally reserved for autumn/ winter.
I have found myself on more then one occasion wanting to light the open fire, put on a pot of soup and either watch Christmas movies or read wintry themed books. I did pretty much all of this except lighting the fire as the humidity is yackkk here right now and I would likely be admitted to hospital with a temperature rocking the early hundreds if I did that.

Have you felt the same my friends??

So what to read when the weather is both bad and hot...
We could go for a bustier ripping novel with some ravishing man on a horse/motorbike/really fast car but the chances are it would only raise our expectations and leave us a little hot under the collar and in need of a facial Spritz ( Caudalie do a good one (beauty elixir) )

Anyways.. to get back to what I was saying.. we could also go for something light and suitably seasonal.. A nice beach read.. You know the type.. There is tropical locations, cocktails, sexy Spanish waiters and jugs of sangria  but lets face it, it can get a bit much when you are at home , pale as an anemic ghost while trying to get your legs tanned while sitting on your back door step, trying to avoid the bees from nose diving your can of coke.

So are we destined to have nothing to read while our weather is on the dismal side??.. Fear not lovely people in blog land .. I have the answer..

Well actually no I don't .. Everyone I know is complaining of book slumps.. No doctor can prescribe a cure for this malady , the best I can suggest is drink plenty and ride out the storm..
It is  a curse .. you know "The Slumps" sneaks up on you, is a divil to get rid of and the darn thing can come back at any time.
It may be of some use to you to read over old favourites but as my friend Sabrina over at knows, book slumps can last longer then any book lover would like. The one and only good thing about book slumps is that eventually they do end and when they do it is a momentous occasion where our hope in books is restored again reminding us why we loved books in the first place.


  1. So true, the one book that ends a book slump is a book that will always be special. I hope I will read a book like this soon.

    And thanks for linking!

  2. Exactly!!! Are you still having your books slump? Happy to link, love your blog! :0)