Saturday, August 11, 2012

Book Buying / Olympic Event

So, as any card carrying book addict will know book shopping is hard work.. It could even be regarded as a cardiovascular workout. You don't think so???

Well look at this way- think about all the walking up the aisle's, the pulling down of books from the shelf's and returning the books, multiply this numerous times,esp in your favourite section in the book shop. Then perhaps you may have already picked up an arm full of books to buy and your biceps are working overtime... you are really feeling the burn now.... then you see it.... The Sale Section!!!!!!!!... here I come doing the 20 foot sprint , my eyes are on the prize, I can already see the first peek of a colourful cover that has my book beak ( the unique nose of a book addict that can sniff out a bookshop within 100 yards) interested.

So after doing the quick sprint to the sale section before any other person can get there and ruin any chance of getting a book I wanted I try and maneuver all books already in my arms to one arm so I have the other arm free to hoke around the sales.. it is hard work and will require changing arms every few minutes to stop the dead feeling in my arm... well that, and the red marks that the heavy books always leave on my arms from carrying them, esp the hardbacks.. they are a killer.

Now if a day of book buying has been set aside and planned and looked forward to then repeat the above exercises and then park yourself into the nearest coffee shop/restaurant.. This is essential for this type of day. You sit down and get a chance to relax as you take a look at the books you bought. After consuming enough coffee and cookies in your system to fuel a nuclear power plant for a month you are now all set for the rest of the afternoon. This is when you go around all the rest of the shops you missed the first time round and go back into the shops where you saw a book and changed your mind about it.. but then changed your mind about it again and now want it.... phew... exhausting fun.

So after all this I get home.. tired and happy.. I won!!!!
All the books on my list were bought and I survived with the minimum of bruises and exhaustion.
Beside my bed is a stack of new books that I can browse through before I go to sleep.
A hot bath and a good book are all that is needed now, and perhaps a hot chocolate to end the day well.
Book shopping days are just the best!!!!!


  1. Now I have to rearrange previous plans to fit some book shopping in this weekend. We're all due for a wonderful day like that from time to time. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. I sometimes forget how much fun it is , then when I do get round to it ,it is always an awesome day!! Thanks for commenting :0)