Friday, August 31, 2012

My Top Ten Beauty favourites right now.

                                                            My Ten Beauty Products

Caudalie Beauty Elixir:
This refreshing scent is wonderful for any old time but esp the summer time. Can be used on bare skin or over make-up to refresh it , and also wonderful for anyone going through the menopause during hot sweats to revive and feel better( or so my pal says). The scent is strong peppermint and Rosemary I believe and does take a little while to get use to but I love it now.

Another gem is Whip Stick by Lush. This lip balm is fantastic at giving a good dose of moisture to the lips while making them taste nice. It also stays on quite well . Don't be too concerned by the colour as it comes out almost colourless on the lips.

The next favourite of mine is this decadent scented body scrub by Soap and Glory . It can be bought at boots. The scent is Maple Syrup and you will really have to control yourself from not digging a spoon into this yummy scented scrub.It is excellent at smoothing skin but go easy as it is abrasive.Apply some body lotion after getting out of the bath/shower and you will have skin like a baby's behind.

The next wonder product is Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. This does exactly what it says on the tin. It cleans the skin very well and the muslin cloth that comes with it exfoliates and leaves skin on face sooo smooth. The smell is very herbally/minty which I feels like I am doing my skin some good when I use this.
Here is one of my all time favourite Christmas limited editions from Lush. Glogg, supposed to be scented like mulled wine but I get a scent of cola bottle sweeties from it . It is refreshing and cosy at the same time. Getting low now and can't wait until the Christmas stock comes back into lush this year. Check this out in store if you can !!!!
Have you ever tried a solid shampoo before?? No?? well try this one. It's called Karma Komba and it is by Lush too. You use them like a bar of soap but on your head. One bar will give you approx 80 shampoos. The smell is fresh and citrus and stays in hair all day. Really portable too!!!
my next favourite is for sore muscles, esp after exercise. I go walking a lot and at night time before bed I put this on sore muscles or feet, pop some socks on and it really helps soothe.It is minty and warming at the same time.
This is what it looks like unwrapped
Little beans inside give an interesting massage sensation!!

Liz Earle Moisturiser is a little wonder pot. Smells great ,gives great moisture, great base for make-up and a little goes a long way.

This nails inc is in the shade Bruton Street. A great neutral colour and perfect for day time. It was in my She Said Beauty box.

Lastly is Micha Barton's Lemon Zest Body butter.I used it over the summer as an after sun but it is great for any old time. The scent is my favourite bit, zesty and refreshing,changes slightly when on skin which makes it even better.. I got this in a beauty box but it may be available to buy on line.

I hope everyone has enjoyed my first beauty blog. I hope to see you here for more beauty news etc real soon xxxxxxxxxx

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