Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Book Haul Part 1 August 2012

Below is part 1 of my haul. Here I have a good mix of a few genre's. I like to mix it up , sooo there can be anything from children's literature , fiction, science fiction, ya, thriller,horror etc.. I got these over a few weeks. Some new, some pre-owned. All loved :0)

As you can tell by the cover this in an oldie... I have never read anything by Alec Waugh before .Looking forward to it.
It has really been a few weeks of  buying great books with beautiful covers !!I ahve never read anything by Frances Brody before.. this looks great..
I love the books by Jacqueline Winspear!!!!!! Maisie Dobbs rocks!!!, while being elegent and solving  mysteries..
Do I love reading about smart kids who are capable of anything...you bet!! This spoke to me..
I have this in the kindle edition but when I was searching around for a paperback edition I could not find one that did not cost an arm and a leg, some toes and some nasal hairs.Thankfully I got lucky ... got it for a few euros and walked out a happy chick.
Ahhhhh the borrowers... the book equivalent of comfort food. Even  the cover makes me smile and it gives me warm feeling in my stomach( no..not heartburn,the good kind of warm glow)
I usually never find books if I go intentionally to the bookstore for them.When I went this one day recently and found this one my squeals were probably heard throughout the store...(yes I would embarrass you if you went into a book store with me)
I used to watch a TV series as a kid that had the same name. It used to be on after I got in from school. I hope these are the books from that series. (Finger's crossed)
Again the cover urged me to buy it. So pretty !!
One of my very first boyfriend's introduced me to this book. It is a gem.. Gothic,vampires, whats not to love!!!!!
I have only ever read The lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.. the cover of this was intrigued me.
I am saving this book until I get a copy of the first book in the Percy Jackson series.. I have been hearing good things about this series so can't wait to read it.
I liked the films a lot so am going to read the books too. This is a battered copy that I found in a second hand shop. If I end up really liking it I will be ordering a new one..

I love sweeties.... of course I was going to buy this book.
The cover of this book was why I bought it.. I later looked at the back cover.. A creepy house..lots of mystery ..perfect!!!!
As I do have a fondness for old time vampire books this oldie really appealed to me.. great cover..
I was first introduced to this writer after watching Becks over at getbookish on youtube. I have since had the good fortune to find a lot of her books at great prices..when I say great I literally mean I got nine or ten for about 5.50.. bargain..
I love a good detective story and I am hoping that this will be exactly that. The colour bleached a bit when taking this pic, sorry folks. Very nice looking book with a great new book smell.
I got this lovely hard back edition of Stephen King's book for very few euros. I was so pleased as I have almost all of his books in my collection ,this is a very pleasant addition.
My childhood love  of Roald Dahl books never went away as an adult. Much enjoyment can still be had when I re-read these even now. This is a very large hardback edition with a huge amount of all things Roald Dahl.
I just could not resist this hardback.. I know nothing about this writer or this book but I soon will :0)
This book I was sent for review , this girl in red makes me want to crack this open right now!!!.

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