Friday, August 17, 2012

14 by Peter Clines

There was one night I was pondering over books on,I was looking for something to scare the bejeezus out of myself on a Saturday night and this book cover looked like it could fit the bill.
14 is a book that is best read with little knowledge about it. I knew practically nothing. I listened to the sample on line and one or two reviews, but that was it. No one who read it was giving up the goodies on what it was about. Now that I have read it I know why.

Perhaps if I had known what it was about I may have not continued to listen to it. It mixes alot of genre's into one spectacular book that slaps you in the chops and leaves you wanting more. I would advise that if you have any housework, meals to cook, cats to wash, gardens to mow that you do all this before starting to listen to this book. In fact, here is the best piece of advice anyone is going to give you,. park yourself in your favourite reading place , bed, bath or whatever rocks your boat and have enough supplies of beverages and snack food ( if you can get food delivered then all the better).
Then after hitting the play button immerse yourself in the happenings in the Kavach building in LA.

Nate, our main character is looking for a place to live ,after meeting an old friend he is advised that this building may be what he could be looking for. Cheap rent and all utilities into the bargain.
Too good to be true???? ..... well maybe...
So Nate does move in and here he meets some of the other residents:Mandy,Xela,Veek, and Tim. There more characters but these are the main group you will be meeting in this book.
Ray Porter is the narrator in this book, and what ever he got paid was not enough!!!!...mannnnn he did a good job!!!! I forgot after a while that it was a man doing all the female that takes skill folks!!!!!
So anyway, Nate has moved in and is meeting the neighbours , and is beginning to notice that things are not as normal as they  first seemed. Things look a tiny bit
For a start the layout of each apartment is very different,temperatures are a little odd in some apartments,odd coloured cockroaches etc.
When Nate does begin to nosy around about the building he gets the other residents interested too much to Oscar's dissaproval.( Oscar looks after the building)
So Nate and his new buddies set up a little group that they often compare to the Scooby Doo group.Each member ironically matching up quite well :0)
They find out that the history of the building is very dubious. Quite an alarming number of past residents committed suicide and a lot of people did not stay very long despite the low rent.It looked like alot of people found the building to be as strange as Nate and his friends.
So the story is building tension right from the first few minutes and it really does carry it on through to the very end. We begin to learn more and more about the building and then they start to hardcore search it for some explanation for the oddities that are occurring there.More and more things begin to happen and as more and more things are beginning to occur  it is really hard to leave the book esp at this stage to get a bowl of frosted flakes ....or sleep...
So.. here we go, the mid to end parts of the book were phenomenon. You are going to meet things that you could never have dreamed possible ..things that would chill you to your core and make your imagination spark with the visual your brain will be trying to conjure as Ray Porter introduces you to the Squales..... ha ha ha....oh the Squales.!!!.. I am not going to explain these to you.. No .. you must learn about them in the same way I did with the blood chilling voice of Mr Porter making me want to cover my ears and hide behind the nearest fluffy pillow.
I am not going to tell you if it ended well,nor if Nate stayed..These are all things you must read to find out..I can say that at least in my opinion you wont regret buying this book. If you can, get it in audible version, if not then in any format you can lay your hands on. Then have the comfy chair and snacks ready as you are in for one hell of a ride.

So...after finishing this..I took a step back and went ...phew!!!!!!
That was one hell of a bookish ride..
I want a book 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why, you may ask..... because lovely book reading people..It was that great...