Monday, March 4, 2013

Overprotected by Jennifer laurens

Ashlyn is the apple of her father's eye and he would do anything he can to protect her and keep her from harm like most father's would except he has had good reason to want her to be protected so he hires a bodyguard to keep constant watch over his beloved daughter. Of course being watched constantly is annoying when you are a young woman and live in New York City.. there are much more fun things that you would want to be doing without being tailed by a bodyguard.
Ashlyn's father hires a new bodyguard who is about to change how Ashlyn feels about being protected, a blast from the past could turn out to be very useful for her father when it turns out it was a previous enemy of Ashlyn's...This guy will def be all business.....or will he????
This was an enjoyable read, we learn about why Ashlyn had to have a bodyguard ..I felt sorry for her character.. Her father's wealth left her vulnerable..It made me wonder about all the kids who have to be protected in real life because of wealthy parents or because they are well known in the press. The story is sad and romantic and surprisingly touching , I loved it!!

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