Friday, March 15, 2013

Haul Part 1 =Richard Laymon.. Yikes!!

A Richard Laymon Haul = never sleeping again.....
From the dastardly mind of  this fantastic author comes these books:

The Lake. First ,great cover!!! This book is about a young woman called Leigh who is hoping to have some fun over the summer...There are prob better places to go then an abandoned beach house where all manner of horror lies..Past and present , fear and terror will combine. 
Did you ever see the film No Vacancy.... this book reminds me a lot of it. A place to stay at night during a road trip will cause unease and fear rather then rest and relaxation........
A Cruise, a shipwreck and 8 people stuck on an island......ohh yeah and they are not the only ones on the island,there is a maniac on the loose...Yikes!!!
One rainy night is about a stormy night is Bixby where the residents of this town suddenly turn on one another and their darker sides come out to attack.
Funland is about a place called Boleta Bay,this normally care free fun place is having a lot of abductions and the residents think they know who is causing it so they arrange to sort the problem out themselves and it leads them to the Funland.....ohhhh creepy!!
Bite is a vampire story with some extra nibble...... Fiends is a collection of short stories guaranteed to scare the living daylights out of you....or at least make your blood pressure rise a few notches.
After midnight is about a woman called Alice who while staying in a friends house comes across a strange man swimming in the pool......
The Cellar is book one in the Beast House Chronicles.......Do you dare go into this house????????

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