Friday, March 15, 2013

Haul Part 4

Do you like a mystery?????

Devoured is about London in 1856. Murder, specimen collecting, Scotland yard and criminal expertise are between the covers of this lovely looking book.
Rack ,Ruin and Murder is about a dead body,the Cotswold's..quite a lot of mystery ,and inspector Jess Campbell who is intending to find out what is going on around here.
When a star of the stage dies suddenly it's going to be up to Daisy to find out what happened...perhaps this diva did not know when to hold her tongue!

Agatha Raisin goes on the snoop to find out if a house is really haunted...
Disappearing schoolboys......Louie Knight is on the case
Dodgy B and B's,movie industries,and assassins...this is the sequel to the above book.
The above and below book are both mystery books based in a shop in Camden,  London featuring Alex Veros

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