Friday, March 15, 2013

Haul Part 8

Above is a fab eyecatching fiction cover...seriously it screams to be read!!! 1893,Chicago world fair, a hotel and some disappearing guests.....sounds brilliant!!
When I hear Gotham I immediately think Batman...He is not in this book though..In this book we have a shocking murder of a young girl... a Detective  called Simon Ziele  and a lot of mystery to drag himself through.
A mystery bookshop, Detective agency next door and some fabulous characters...
Salem New England.... The history of this place is coming back to haunt and hurt others.
The sequel to A Discovery of Witches.....Shadow of Night
 Lucy Pym is invited to give a lecture about Psychology to the students in Leys Physical training School but while there there is a nasty accident that is going to need some investigating...
A Vacuum cleaner salesman...some espionage and some travel.... sounds wonderful!!
The resurrection casket is  the story about a place called  Starfall, a world in trouble from crooks and smugglers..add some time travel and read by David Tennant make this sound intriguing...
A Feast of the Drowned is about a naval cruiser thats sinks under strange circumstances... Doctor Who goes to investigate....Read by David Tennant.

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