Friday, March 15, 2013

Haul Part 3

The marriage plot is about relationships,love,sex ,feminism, divorce and a woman called Madeline at the center of it all.
Miss Julia Speaks her mind is about a widow who not only has to out up with the death of her husband but now has his "bastard" child show up..  add in some scandal and wit and it looks like you got yourself one great read!!!
This is the book based on the film by the same name.. A heart warmer if ever there was one.
A neglected wife.... adventure... fun and perhaps one final fling before her body goes south.....Sounds fab!!
Pippa is devoted wife mother and friend...then her husband(30 years her senior) wants them to live in a retirement community.... Insert plenty of drama and flashbacks here.....
When Beth's mother dies she leaves her a letter and a scrapbook...The past comes back in detail!!
Garden Spells is the magical story of the Waverley women...
1933,a woman moves to Italy to become a tutor..tragedy,love and friendship are the main themes in this book.
A book about books -What's not to love !!!

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