Friday, March 15, 2013

Haul Part 2

Some pretty retro covers in this part of the haul.. I love a pretty cover!!.
Did I mention the books look awesome too??

The story of three sisters,April,May,June(yes really) and their brother one eyed Jasper. When they get a visit from the cousin Leda from Vienna their lives are given a good shake up!!
A mother on a mission to make darn sure her daughter gets ahead in life no matter what...trouble is there is always obstacles....
Two friends(one very partial to brandy and soda's) and one friends obsession with the other .
Six guests, Christmas at Lexham manor and an old scrooge found dead.....I suspect some suspects.....A real head scratcher of a crime.......
Less than Angels -this is a story following the fictional lives of a group of young anthropologists.
A novelist and her son go to spend Christmas in the country, and it is just as well she has as her dear friend George is going to need her when his new secretary has set her mind on making him her husband.
South Riding is about a woman called Sarah Burton who returns to her hometown as headmistress..
While a man is waiting to see a musical he is murdered....Step in Inspector Alan Grant to find out what the buggery has been going on!!!!

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