Monday, March 18, 2013

A Charming Crime by Tonya Kappes Review

.......Contains Some Spoilers............
Whispering Falls...Ahhhhh ...I love this name... the name has me instantly daydreaming of magical and mystical places ..... sigh....
This town which is full of colourful characters and shops is where the main character of the book June Heal finds herself living with her childhood friend Oscar and her pet cat Mr Prince Charming, when she decides to move her shop "A Dose of Darla", a shop selling homeopathic cures, from Locust Grove to the charming Whispering Falls.
Whispering Falls is not like most towns we know...the town and the people have a little something special about them that makes visitors to the town have a really enjoyable time and come away with more then they planned.
Our main character June is a homeopath and does it very well, this gift passed down in the family helps a lot of people but at times she could really do with something to help herself especially when she finds herself in some major trouble !!Yikes!!
June is a pretty laid back character who has not had the easiest of times(well explosions are a little hazardous to the health)... I really enjoyed reading about her and esp her mother Darla. I think if she was real she would have been a pretty fun person to know.A real free spirit with lots of friends.
Having been introduced to most folk in her new town very quickly she learns lots about her own family's past and begins to see a real future for herself here,this feels like a place she truly belongs.The book is filled with a quirky bunch of characters that were very enjoyable to read about and I am really looking forward to seeing them all in the next book in the series A Charming Cure.
This really is a charming cozy mystery read that will not fail to put a smile on any cozy mystery fans face. This is book 1.

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