Saturday, March 9, 2013

Minding Frankie by Maeve Binchy

This is a book best read with a full box of tissues and lots of privacy so you can howl to your hearts content. Ahhhhhhh a Maeve Binchy book is a delight for many reasons. The characters are always so real you can easily empathise with them and their situations. Complex relationships  and human faults are laid bare ,communities join together and friendship and love is the glue to hold it all together.I have been a life long fan of this author's books and I dare not count the amount of hours I have spent with her books through the years. These are books you lift again and again when you want comforting reading material .I have often had to replace her books with newer editions as I wore previous copies out .. Awww Maeve I will miss hearing that you have new books coming  out.
In this book we have a little girl in the centre of the story.. Frankie ,she lost her mother ,but surrounding her is a community of people who love her very much and they want whats best for her. Each person in their community has their own troubles in life but they all share in giving help to Frankie's dad Noel, who is struggling with his own demons while trying to rear a child. Of course there is always someone who is going to try and throw a spanner in the works and that person is the social worker Moira !!!( The amount of times I wanted to slap this character was in double digits).

If I had to put this book into as few words as possible I would say it was heartbreaking, touching and memorable and I urge you to read it as soon as you can and don't forget the tissues. xxxxxxxxxx


  1. I read it as soon as it was available and LOVED it! I just purchased her last book and will be reading it this weekend! I love her books so....

  2. I have read her new book too: A Week In Winter.. I cried my way through it. So sad that it was her last book :0(