Friday, March 22, 2013

Forever Charmed by Rose Pressey review

                                                     Forever Charmed by Rose Pressey

This is the first time I had ever read anything by Rose Pressey and I was very impressed ! In this story we have a main character called Halloween La Veau or more commonly known as Hallie. Hallie has moved into the large creepy La Veau manor in Enchantment Pointe(love that name!!!!) which she has now turned  into a B&B. Upon arrival of the first guests things really start to take on a magical feel . Having always believed that was a bit of a let down as a witch ,things suddenly begin to magically look up for her. Teem Hallie with some other great characters such as Annabelle and Hallie's mum and it makes a fab read.If mystical and magical cozy mysteries are your favourite then I think you will enjoy this.

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