Friday, January 3, 2014

The Spook's Revenge by Joseph Delaney.Review.

The above book is book 13 in "The Last Apprentice/Wardstone Chronicles series "by Joseph Delaney and what an ending we got!
I have more reason then most to be thrilled about this as a comment I had made on the  facebook page about the series has been published in this awesome book!! I had no idea until I was reading the end of the book...... there I was feeling great about how the series ended when I saw my name and my comment . I was jumping up and down with much laughing and excitement ... I was not one bit cool right then......I will put a picture of the comment at the bottom of this post!

I was so worried about how the series was going to end. I had a feeling that not all of my favourite characters were going to make it and so there were few surprises in that regard , but there was huge surprises through out the book and characters that had not been at the forefront before became really important and made the last book soooooo interesting. I was intrigued about if the Fiend  was going to cause mass destruction and finish the series in a blaze off glory...... The ending was really really cool and satisfying , I was very happy with it. Loose ends were mostly tied up and it really felt like Tom was no longer a boy, it really felt like he grew so much through this series and each adventure brought him closer to being the Spook that he always  hoped to be if he survived all that was to face him.
I have followed these characters though many an adventure through their county and further afield. This book and this series was sooooo good that I urge others to read this.
The series started with a young lad called Tom Ward, he was  the 7th son of a 7th son who was given to the county to help rid it off darkness. There was all manner of darkness that needed to be wiped out in the county and the person that currently was doing it was Old Gregory but he would not be able to do the job forever as he was getting old, so he had to train up the next person who would take over and that was young Tom.. A bond was quickly formed with young Tom and the  County Spook when Tom goes to live with Old Gregory in the Spooks little house in Chipenden . Here he was to learn how to be a Spook.
In this last book  when I carried on reading to the end to find out what the next book that Joseph Delaney was going to be publishing I was soooo excited!!!!! I am not going to spoil it on you by telling you if you have not read the end of the book, but for those of you who have read it you will understand when I say yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 My comment that I found at the end of this the last book. I was so excited!!What a perfect ending!!!!
Some of my actual books from the series. I have more on my Kindle.

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