Monday, January 6, 2014

Rivers Of London by Ben Aaronovitch.Review.

I was only going to read a few pages of this before I went to bed as I had too many books already on the go that I had not finished. This book got me hook line and sinker.!!!!! 170 pages later I was still awake and holding my eyes open with matchsticks.(not really)(don't do that, that would be bad, no matter how much we love books).
So there I am thinking.... I will read just the first page and it went on from there. It's the characters I blame! They were sooooo good!!! I had been to London in the Summer and hearing mention of many of the places I had been to added a nice extra something special to my reading experience of the book. I bonded with the story quickly and all it's magical loveliness.
We all know there are lots to see and do in London but this was a magical look at London seen through a local persons eyes , that was awesome!
Policing in London took on a whole new look in this book where not everything is as it seems for all the members of the police force.. some members were extra special. .....
My Favourite character was the main character Peter. Peter is a likeable character trying to get ahead in his job in the police force  but things don't go exactly as he imagined they would and that's not a bad thing....Adventure and magic awaits ....
There is plenty going on in this book without it being overwhelming and I would say to set time aside to read this in one gulp.

Setting a book in London is genius as the city's past is so well known and its attractions now just keep people visiting it and loving it. If you are a fan of London then you might want to ckeck out this first book in this series.
A great book! Check it out!

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