Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Ocean At The End Of The Lane by Neil Gaiman. Review.

I loved this so much!!!! The story is about a young boy who I became very fond of early on. Why you may ask...... Well he loves reading and is quite fond of adventure! A tragedy happens very near to where he lives that sets in motion a stream of events that he could not possibly imagine. Now, if you have read anything by Neil Gaiman before then you know how his imagination can take you out of this world completely into this wonderful fictional place where all your world fades away while you read. He really has a magical gift to completely submerge you into his world . I listened to the story on my kindle through and it was made extra special as it was read by Neil Gaiman himself !! Female or male characters Neil was able to make me forget that there was a man reading the story to me. That's a really good sign of an audible narrator when you just forget that little fact. There are also other wonderful characters in the book like Old Mrs Hempstock , Mrs Hempstock and her daughter Lettie  .Oh how I wish Mrs Hempstock's house was a real place that you could go to and have chats around the kitchen table and share meals with and have sleepovers. It was the prefect haven for this young character throughout the story and he felt very safe there.
The one character I hated in the book was Ursula Monkton ..ohhhhh she is evil and devious and if you read this book I can't wait for you to meet this horror that finds its way into out main characters family and life.  I will be reading this book again and again. Loved it!!!!!!!

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