Sunday, January 26, 2014

Goodness,Grace and Me by Julie Houston. Review.

I was a very lucky when the wonderful author of this book gifted me a copy.. Ohhhh boy was I !!
Let me introduce you to the main character Harriet ,wife, mother, teacher, good friend, good daughter, funny , smart , and boy can this woman juggle all these roles and do it well.
She is married to Nick and thanks to his ambitious nature it's going to be up to her to manage all her roles while he leaves for foreign climates in search of better things for their future. Sound simple? Heck no, throw in some badly behaved friends and family members ,and many surprises ,and you have yourself one funny, plot driven story with Harriet  at the centre of it all.
This had me smiling so many times during the reading of it , even though this character has so much going on in her life she manages to maintain her wicked sense of humour almost all of the time , this makes her a very likeable character that you instantly become very fond off. The story keeps you interested throughout as there is always something going on, but it is not overwhelming , it merely makes you more excited to know more about what is happening.

I would recommend this to anyone , especially to the ladies, this would also make a wonderful gift .
I am going to leave a link to this book below where you can check it out on amazon and get a free sample for kindle. This book really leaves you with a cosy warm glow inside . So lovely! Go get it!

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