Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dust by Patricia Cornwell.Review.

Dust is book 21 in the Kay Scarpetta series by Patricia Cornwell. I really love this series and I am always thrilled when a new book is coming out. When I finally got this book I was not disappointed!
Kay is back and is feeling a little under the weather when she is called in to an unusual case. Here begins one of the awesome journeys we take when we read a book by this author. Reading about Kay's way of finding out how the victims die in this series is always awesome! She explains science in a way that I can almost understand some of the time. The dead really come alive in this series of books! No one can explain how the dead talk quite like Patricia Cornwell. The plot in this book is terrific! In it there are a number of deaths and they have become real head scratchers for the police as the killer is smart and cunning and fearless by the looks of it. This book really keeps you on your toes, and the momentum never slows for a second, it is very hard to put down once you start.
If you are a fan of the series already then I think you will enjoy this and if you are not then definitely check it out. Patricia has created great characters in this series and they are certainly worth getting to know. If you start on book 1 be prepared!! are going to want to know a lot more about this series and these awesome characters like Lucy, Kay, Benton, Marino. I have been following this series for over 15 years and I love it so much! Patricia Cornwell you rock!!!!!!!!

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