Sunday, January 5, 2014

Books I Am Finishing Up

With a new year comes new books. In order to let myself read the new books the books that I have yet to finish must be read first. So , that being said, below are some of the last few books I have to finish up.
This book I actually started last night and if I had known it was as good as it is I would have left reading it until the other books were read as I am finding it very hard to leave. I expect this will be one of the first books finished first. You can expect a review on this book real soon!
 Listening to this audio is truly fantastic. Neil is narrating and it's almost a shame it has to end. There are so amazing characters in this story!!!!!!!!! One in particular will chill you to your core.
 Ahhhh this is lovely and sad and touching.. All the emotions are just coming at you during the reading of this!
This is a real "Keep you on your toes" book.
Loving and trying to make last... Will hurry it up now seeing as I have the second book. Yay!!!!

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