Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mrs Palfey At The Claremont by Elizabeth Taylor. Review

This is the story of an older woman called Mrs Palfrey who has come to stay in the Claremont, this is a middle of the road hotel in London on the Cromwell Road.
Her room in the hotel is little to write home about but it has everything she needs and there are people there in a similar position as her, making her feel slightly less alone.
The hotel has a rather slow pace and it contains a few residents as well as the normal guests who come and go.

 A chance meeting with a young man called Ludovic Myers or Ludo for short quickly becomes a friendship that is cherished by both parties but by Mrs Palfrey in particular. It is a sweet relationship and it means a lot to Mrs Palfrey. You get the impression in the story that she has a very real need to reach out to someone before it comes to the end of her life. I did enjoy reading about all the characters and different personalities but there was  one character I really  did feel a lot of hatred for and he was called Desmond, when you read this book you will understand.What a louse!!!! 

The story is sad and touching and moved me to tears. Life is so fragile and reading this made that all the more real. There are many moments in this book that make you sit back and wonder what the future holds for you , how quickly is goes past and how it will all end. The story will leave you with a lump in the back of your throat. Loved it! Read with a tissue.
This is a VMC book and here is a link to this book on Amazon.

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