Monday, January 27, 2014

NOS4R2 by Joe Hill.Review.

This is one of the most chilling books that I ever read, it left me so uneasy reading it and that feeling has lingered with me since I finished it. Joe Hill is an author I have not read before...I will now be looking out for any other books that he writes!
The story is a haunting story about a woman called Victoria(Vic) from childhood to womanhood and a serial killer  called Charlie Manx .. his gruesome house ...his Rolls Royce (that he used to kidnap children) and many of his victims. Charlie Manx is not the only monster , he has a pal called Bing ,the Gasmask Man, with the gingerbread smoke..... chilling!
I listened to this story through and the voice of the narrator Kate Mulgrew made this story really stand out so much that I doubt I will ever forget it. Her voice captured each character clearly and the menace and fear she created through her voice made chills creep up my spine .
Victoria throughout the story is incredibly strong and resilient , although filled with so much fear throughout her life she never lets it beat her. Victoria is a fabulous main character and this is a hauntingly magical story.
Charlie Manx ...even typing his name gives me chills.... What Joe Hill did when he created this character was to instill incredible fear into the readers or listeners of the book.. I know this is fictional but it is fiction told so well as to be terrifying. Seeing through the eyes of twisted killers and see their warped  outlook on what they were doing...incredibly disturbing...
The Gas Mask Man is another character that will leave you running for the covers and his parts of the story will chill you to your very core.
This is not a story that is going to leave you with a warm cosy feeling inside. If you want chills and dare I say spills, vivid descriptions, violence, fear, terror, scares and a story that will stay with you the rest of your life then this is certainly the book for you.
If not then I beg you choose a lighter read....
For those of you who may not already know, Joe Hill is Stephen and Tabitha King's son. Can you imagine the wonderful ghost stories they could tell in their house at Halloween!!!!!!!!

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