Saturday, February 1, 2014

Frost Hollow Hall by Emma Carroll.Review.

I loved this book so much !,The cover is just so gorgeous and sparkly! If you are a fan of Downton Abbey or The Woman In Black then you may enjoy this book a lot !The setting is winter 1881 , Frost Hollow Hall . The main character in the story is Matilda ,or Tilly to her friends , she is a young girl who is reluctantly friends with Will Potter, a young lad who works for the local butchers.

The story begins when Tilly has an almost fatal accident when out playing on the lake at Frost Hollow Hall with Will. This place has a sad past and Tilly becomes more interested in the story about it and the young boy who previously drowned in the lake after she has her own near death experience.
Tilly is a great female character, she is brave and gutsy , loyal and kind ,and just nosy enough to create plenty of adventures. I really enjoyed how her character developed thoughout the story.
 I thought the plot was brilliant . The story grabbed me from the first chapter and I loved getting to know the other characters and the hall itself. The story has mystery , intrigue, chills and a good dose or eeriness. I read this on a stormy night and it was the perfect reading material. I would definitely recommend this book.

If you enjoy this wonderful book the author has a new book coming out in August called" The Girl Who Walked On Air" by Emma Carroll
Below please find a link to Emma's Twitter account.

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